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Mohamed Maideen  Principal & CEO  Donason Deen Education CentreMessage

Our Policy has always been that, "the quality is the most important factor for success." As an education provider, we understand that "we get distinctions only when our student gets distinctions'. Using our dynamic, young team of dedicated, experienced and graduate teachers with excellent academic track records as well as with the commitment to continous improvement, we have successfully built Donason Deen Education Centre (DDEC) & Donason Deen Institution (DDI) into a dynamic and progressive private school.

Emphasis on the highest level of integrity and adoption of transparent fee structure which is fully made known to students during student counselling process has earned the respect of parents and students in our partnership to quality education. Concerns raised to any of our staff either in person or through email (or by any other means) will be acknowledged in one working day and our commitment is to resolve the concerns within 21 working days. We also have a suitable students' redress policy for students who may have doubts.

We have a panel of 8 devoted teachers. Our class sizes range from 10 to 35, depending on the type of course. Thus our students can be assured of constant attention from our professional teaching staff. We have 3 fully- equipped air-conditioned classrooms, with capacity of 10, 20 & 35 students. Most of our classes operate with a maximum teacher-to-student ratio of about 1:20. We also have a comfortable reception & waiting area as well as a fully resourced teaching staff & admin office.

All of our classrooms and facilities are approved by the FSSB for fire safety compliance. Every student at DDEC & DDI is a unique individual, forming part of our DDEC family. At the end of the course, our students undoubtedly would have learnt to be responsible and upright citizens, well-equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills to face the challenges of the constantly changing world and to be a valuable asset to the family, the community, the nation and the world.

Best wishes to all students