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DDEC curriculum for all the subjects follow closely with the latest syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education of Singapore (MOE) as well as the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB)

Curriculum Development

DDEC’s curriculum development starts with the following assumptions as a pre-requisite to produce a greater learning & retention of the knowledge in our students.

  • The student has no prior knowledge of the theory and that he/she had not learnt anything in school. This enables a ground zero approach to the delivery of the content without any assumption.
  • The student cannot remember the facts and that he/she cannot recall during examinations. This enables us to incorporate right hemi-sphere integrated teaching to the delivery of the content.
  • The student is constantly bombarded with negative beliefs that undermines his/her self-confidence and the passion for the subject. This approach enables us to place a check and balance into the development as well as delivery of the subject in a positive and easy to comprehend manner.

Curriculum Review

DDEC’s team of Academic Board and Examination Board periodically reviews the materials, the syllabus, the tutorials, examinations and the contents regularly. It is updated to be in line with the latest needs of the public examination system as well as the top school’s highly demanding tests and examinations. DDEC is focused on peak performance in the students via its hands on practical approach to learning.

Hands on Practical & experience based learning

Hands on Practical & experience based learning

DDEC has a wide range of scientific equipment & teaching tools. The students at DDEC take an experimental approach to learning rather than simply absorbing from the text books. Students have to complete reports for submission after doing guided experiments with the equipment. The reports are prepared in such a way that it guides them to the concepts instead of plainly presenting them to the concepts. The questions in the reports are placed in such a way that it simulates their thinking in the direction of inferring. Primary 5 Electric circuit connection Practical Report by primary 5 students learning electric circuits using DDEC’s electricity learning Kit for primary level.

Learning electric circuits

PowerPoint Lessons

DDEC also takes into account the psychological aspects into consideration when developing the materials. The PowerPoint lessons are fully animated and are sequenced to encourage step by step learning. Click here to view sample of Secondary level chemistry. In line with Nobel Prize winner, Roger Sperry’s work on split brain functioning, the dynamic & action based PowerPoints incorporate left brain function for the facts & concepts to create visual effects and animations which stays in the mind of the student permanently. This way is better than reading from the text books in which only visual (right brained) students can create the mental images.

For teaching Mathematics, DDEC uses PowerPoint animation where the students can actually see the action of using geometry sets Click here to view sample & how they are used for drawing as well as the order of usage visually for enhanced retention. In topics like Algebra, DDEC’s animation actually shows how the numbers and alphabets can be rearranged by visually moving the texts and numbers around Click here to view sample. In 3 dimensional vectors, the students can actually see the vectors drawn in 3D which shows the planes and lines in space.

Video Lessons

Video Lessons          Video lessons

Each lesson is also available on DVDs for students who want to view the lessons again and again to reinforce learning. Repetition is mother of all learning. The students can see the lesson videos by topics or they can view the lesson videos by past year examinations stretching back to as far as the year 2006. The video lesson package includes theory notes, tutorial questions ranging between 20 to 120 questions on each topic, the live recordings of the solved questions, explanations and the live recordings of the theories. Currently, these videos are available exclusively for students of DDEC only and are not available in any bookstores or retail outlets.


Hypnotic Induction

Students undergo Neuro-ReprogrammingTM sessions to boost self-esteem and confidence to attain peak academic performance. In these sessions, various soft skills such as memory techniques, time management, stress management, goal setting strategies etc. are imparted to the students. Their subconscious conditioning is assessed regularly to reprogram their mind with positive belief system to motivate the students using techniques such as subliminal communications, hypnotic conditioning etc. Hence the overall academic as well as psychological development of the students is ensured at DDEC.

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