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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We are registered with the Ministry of Education under the Educations Act. Our certificate of registration number is 2505. We are certified under regulation 32 of the schools regulation, 1957. Our courses and the teachers are registered with the Ministry of Education of Singapore. Certificates are available for verification by request at our general office.

Our lessons are based on the assumption that your child has not learnt anything in school. Thus we cover the theory lessons completely and then move onto our own set of tutorials and discussions. Prior to examinations, we will discuss our own examination questions as well as past year questions from the PSLE, GCE 'N', GCE 'O' and GCE 'A' levels and other local school papers. All our materia;s are copyright of our centers and may be used by our students solely for preparing themselves for the examinations. Photocopying, selling and duplication without our permission are strictly not allowed.

Most of our teachers are graduates from the local or foreign universities with Bachelor, Degrees and some with First Class Honours. They also have years of experience in teaching the subjects to maintain high level of proficiency in the subject offered at our center. Our teachers are also registered with the Ministry of Education of Singapore. You may request the profiles, publications and academic records of our teachers at the general office.

Our job is to clear all the doubts relating to the subject that your child may have regardless of whether it is in his or her school works or not. Your child has to bring up the doubt to the attention of the teacher prior to the start of the lessons. The teacher may clarify the doubt with the student alone or with the class so that other children may benefit out of the doubts.

GIRO payments are cheaper than the CASH rates to encourage parents to pay through GIRO. It saves us administrative hassels and enables us to focus more on your child's academic performance rather than on our management of tuition fee.

In line with other institutions in Singapore, there would be no classes on public holidays.

In line with other institutions in Singapore, there would be no make-up classes if your class falls on a public holiday. This would be compensated by the fact that we will NOT charge extra fee if the month has more than 4 lessons.

If your child goes on a holiday for a month or less, you can inform us in writing. We can also arrange for a pro-rated payment for the period of absence. However, if your child absents more than a month, your child's name will be struck off our register and when he/she returns back we will have to re-register your child depending on the availability of place and the registration fee becomes payable again.

Since this is not ont-to-one private tuition, we cannot replace the lesson missed by your child. However, the notes and the materials missed by your child may be issued by the teacher the following lesson upon request (before the class starts) by your child.

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