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I was blessed to have been recommended to Donason Deen during my 'O' levels. After being introduced to DDEC, I got an 'A' for my Preliminary exams (within 7 months) and class tests and a 'B' for my 'N'Level as well as for my O Levels in Secondary 5. I became a driven student after I had started getting A's and B's for my subjects, because of the inspirational sharing by Mr Maideen. To friends out there, who are doing PSLE, 'N/O/A' levels next year, or someone special you may know or care about, you can pay a visit at the given address and find out for more details. It will definitely be worth your time and effort!
Thaneswari Manoharan
... ... ...My husband and I would like express our appreciation to you for every effort that was given in guiding Leonard on both his Chemistry and Physics. The only group tuition out of home that he has always enjoyed without complain... ...
Ms Lai Lin
Parent, Singapore
"... ..DDEC has been really helpful. I am in the iGCSE course and was performing poorly. A friend of my parents recommended DDEC. The lessons were entertaining, educational and (more importantly) really boosted my confidence in Maths and motivation to further study. The lessons really paid off as I went from Grade "F" to achieve an "A" on my final exam....."
Alexandre Hurbe
SJI International, Singapore
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