Why learn through VMS?

The “Pull Method” of Mastery

VMS uses "Pull-Method" of learning where the learner pulls the knowledge through interaction rather than the traditional "Push-Method" where the teachers, schools or the education system pushes the knowledge regardless of learners ability or willingness or convenience or state of mind.

Diagnostic testing

VMS uses diagnostic method to identify the "known" and the "not yet known" areas of knowledge. This enables the system to learn the learner's level of competency rather than dumping all the information. Identification of the learning gap accurately is essential to target the areas of incompetency so that the learning gap can be corrected more precisely. Learning gaps are often the bottleneck of the problem which leads to multiple blockages in the competency.

Customised learning plan

Customised learning plan helps the learner to learn at his own pace or speed matching his lifestyle and availability of time. The system stores and keeps track of the areas of competencies and the target competency. Coupled with the diagnostic testing and then the delivery of the lessons to the customised plan assist the learner to master the subject at microscopic level with complete retention and retrieval for the National Examinations.

Automated Learning Guidance

The VMS will keep track and remember of the level of competency of the learner and will guide them towards the mastery of the subject. No more needs by the learner to develop time table and study plans. The system will plan and guide the learner towards his target. All that the learner needs to do is to follow the guidance of the system and in no time, he or she will master the subject on time.