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DDEC is an education centre registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE Regn. No. 2505) and the ACRA. The school has been maintaining high quality of education in Singapore since 2007. Started as a group tuition in 1993 by its founder Mr Maideen, DDEC has since trained thousands of students who are currently working as doctors, engineers, pilots, researchers, senior police officers, teachers and many more in Singapore and abroad. Among all the tutoring centers, DDEC aims to set the pace for others to follow.

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The traditional learning landscape has changed overtime with the exponential growth of technology, internet, virtual reality and lately artificial intelligence. Gone are the days of travelling to institutions to learn, queuing up at the bookshops, carrying heavy text books, reserving books at the libraries. In fact, almost all resources, data & information are available on the internet that it would be no longer necessary to seek someone's help. The flaws with the traditional classroom teaching (push method) has been; 1. Standardization of teaching regardless of learner's ability to master. 2. Standardized duration of teaching hours with total disregards to learner's mental capacity & learning speed, 3. Fixed examination schedules regardless of the level of preparation of the candidates readiness. 4. Teacher centric (push of knowledge) rather than learner centric (pull of knowledge). DDRC's innovative VMS taps the power of the digital world and AI to enhance the learning by using the pull method of learning as compared to traditional push method of teaching.


Mathematics Mastery through VMS is the first program of its kind to be introduced into the world of VMS. it begins with diagnostic to identify your areas learning gaps and to equip the learner towards mastering Mathematics at all levels thoroughly before the National Examinations.

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